Thursday, June 8, 2017

Philosophy for beginners

In a pursuit of being modern, people are trying to change our system of the education. For example, in Finland the kinds won’t anymore write by hand - the ability of using the keyboard will be sufficient. The France decided to focus on contemporary times during the history lessons, so the teachers will sacrifice one two hours to talk about the second war and 5 [sic!] to talk about the Arab–Israeli conflict. Of course, nobody says that the Arabic countries are not important, but concentrating just on middle-east, we don’t learn out our origins, factor which created our motherland and our mentality.

Last year, the French government kick out the philosophy and the Latin language from a school. People were disgusted, so they protested. In the homeland of the modern philosophy (Descartes, Rousseau, Sartre, Voltaire, etc), it seems to be a really bad joke.

The narrator of “Sophie's World” says: “Everybody has a hobby. Some people like collecting the stamps. others travel a lot, some other people like fishing and I just can’t convince the fun of rugby that collecting the stamps is more interesting or more valuable. However, there is something everybody has in common: asking about a world. Who are we? What is most important in our life?. The philosophy tries to answer that question or at least, make the people think about their destination. “

The book of Jostein Gaarder should be recommended to everybody. In this way, even the children could understand the most popular philosophical current and in the same time: the European heritage of all generations.

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